Why upright?

There may be dozens of business “consultants” you could choose from, so why work with upright consulting inc.?

Values and approach set upright apart. My promise to you is that upright consulting inc. will be:

Always acting in your interest – I won’t work to create more work for myself, but will add value to your business though pragmatic and valuable solutions.  You’ll get what you need and nothing you don’t.

Always open – I will always say what I think, be willing to share what I know and, above all, will listen, answer your questions and give and accept feedback graciously

Always learning – My advice and tools will be current and relevant and I will never stop seeking new knowledge or a deeper understanding

Always thinking long-term – My focus will be on long-term impacts to you, your business, your people and our world. Together, we will create a strong foundation for you to continue to thrive on your own

…because I will not support change that does more harm than good – that wouldn’t be upright.


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