Janice Markiw – Owner, Principal Consultant

Janice is an accomplished analyst, advisor and business improvement specialist. Over 20 years working in a variety of key industries and with some of Canada’s largest organizations, Janice has gained a significant depth and breadth of experience in marketing, operations, finance, human resources, information technology, process improvement and project and change management. She holds undergraduate degrees in International Business (BMgt.) and French, (BA, with distinction), a certificate in Change Management and a Master of Business Administration (MBA) with a specialization in Management Consulting.

Janice has a passion for learning and a love of research and analysis. She is a natural leader who values building lasting relationships with people at all levels and perspectives. She loves to apply her critical thinking skills to solve problems and can be trusted to challenge the status quo in order to accelerate change and improvement. Combined with the exceptionally high standards she holds, Janice’s dependable, thoughtful and adaptable nature guides her personal and professional principles.

Read more about Janice’s experience here.

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